What is Tangent?

Tangent is a collection of five integrated tools designed to help with product research. These tools are the Niche Machine, Tangent Words, Tangent Palette, Formulizer and Tangent Explorer.

With these tools, you can find ideas and artwork for products, marketing campaigns or creative projects.

The Niche Machine includes over 15,000 categorized niches to browse and explore.

Tangent Words suggests keywords to help you discover what customers are searching for.

The Formulizer helps you generate creative formulas that you can use to build brands and systems

Sky Palette uses image recognition and machine learning to generate color palettes and dozens of keywords based on a picture, design or photograph.

The Explorer binds the tools together, allowing you to dive deep into any word or niche to find artwork, books, quotes, news stories, trends, puns and much, much more! As a bonus, Tangent Users can download Explorer as a Chrome extension that gives you powerful search capability ANYWHERE from Wikipedia to Amazon to third party browser apps.

Who are you guys?

Tangent was developed by Isaac Gonzalez and Katharyne Shelton. Find out more about us here!

Why does Tangent Words sometimes load faster or slower?

The first time a Tangent user searches for a new word, we collect market information which takes a few seconds. If the word has already been searched, the data will appear much more quickly. We refresh the data for searched words regularly.

Where do I get support with Tangent?

You can email for direct support and you’re welcome to ask questions about using Tangent in the Facebook group, ‘Treasure Hunting’ at

I need to cancel. What do I do?

To cancel, please email us at Your account will be deactivated at the end of your subscription period.

Tell me about search volumes

We currently include approximate search volume estimates in the Niche Machine and are looking at the best way to add them to more of Tangent. Our estimates are based on data gained legally from leading search engines. Be aware that Amazon does NOT provide search volume data to any third party companies and this information cannot be attained without bribing Jeff Bezos (he wasn’t interested in my offer of marshmallows and a hug). Any third party service that claims to show Amazon search volume is almost certainly fibbing and probably highly inaccurate.

Learn more about keywords here:

We recommend (but have no affiliation with) the Chrome extension Keywords Everywhere. You can copy and paste your TangentWords data into the extension quickly to get Google Search Volume results.

What’s the Tangent Rank?

We compare the popularity of products across multiple marketplaces. Products with a high Tangent Rank (out of 100) are searched for prolifically across many different platforms.

I love Tangent! How do I learn more about creating products?

So glad you asked! We have several courses about creating products to sell on Amazon, Merch, CreateSpace, GumRoad and more. If you’re looking for a comprehensive course for digital inventory, we recommend Curate at Digital inventory includes books, t-shirts designs, dropshipping, educational products and a wealth of other products you can create using your computer.

Is my data safe?

Yes! We secure your data and do not share it with anyone unless you specifically choose to share it.

I do want to share my ideas with my designer, friends or group.

Great! We include ‘Share’ functionality in both TangentPalette and the Niche Machine. Please share away!

Do you have a group discount?

If you have a mastermind, group or class, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to work with you. Please send us a message at, including the size and purpose of your group.

I wish Tangent did this thing...

Got suggestions? Awesome! We want to make Tangent the best product it possibly can be. Please send us a message at and we’ll see what we can do :)

What is Machine Learning?

Tangent incorporates Machine Learning technology. Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence, allowing computers to learn and make predictions. Amazon, eBay and other major corporations are investing heavily in ML to make their services more intuitive and efficient. We are similarly excited to use these tools which arguably make Tangent the most advanced tool out there for profitable creativity and we plan to keep developing and growing our features accordingly.

Are all these resources public domain?

The ‘Public Domain’ tab in the Explorer will guide you to sites known to contain public domain images and media. We endeavor to share trusted sites, but cannot guarantee the status of every image or piece of media, so we recommend you always do your own research before using any material from a third party in your project. Public domain media may include (but isn’t limited to) material created before 1923, material with lapsed copyright registration, material released under Creative Commons Zero and material created by the Federal government. Public domain means that no-one owns the copyright for this material so you can use them in any way you like in your products without the need for attribution. Be aware that using pictures or video which includes likenesses of people or pictures of trademarks may have separate legal repercussions even if the pictures are public domain.